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After 15 years of playing professional football, Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb decided to hang up their boots and embark on a new venture. With their lives revolving around the sport, a new career opportunity was something that they hoped would present itself. Little did they know that a seemingly trivial hobby would turn into their livelihood. 

Being surrounded by young, active and fit people like themselves, fashion obviously played a large part in dressing room conversations. “What are you wearing out at the weekend?” was a regular question at training on Fridays. To them fashion and the sport went hand in hand, so moving into the mens fashion world seemed like a natural progression. 

Eager to fill a gap in the market they identified; which was a fun, fast-paced, trendy streetwear brand to cater to active individuals. Targeting guys with similar interests to themselves they began creating a line of 4 tees which many of you may remember with a tiny initial investment, the fun began.

Before long all of the tees were gone. It was then they realised that they may be on to something. They continued designing and found a creative side in themselves that they never knew existed. They utilised their contacts in the sporting world, calling in favours to help promote the brand. They worked endlessly trying to improve and better the quality of the products and the brand in general. Mark and Steven face challenges everyday, probably more than most brands simply due to their lack of experience in the world of fashion and business. But with dedication, commitment and passion, they make it work.

Initially, Facebook was their main selling tool, but before long the need for a website was evident. They began to put the website together, and in the mean time moved in together in order to consistently work on the brand. Now this is the innovative thing about Bee Inspired Clothing, It has come solely from the work of Steven and Mark. It started off with the two of them, winging it, and to be frankly honest still remains the same!  All designs, sourcing, customer service and everything in between is always been done by the two boys themselves.

From the launch of Bee Inspired in October 2013 until now, a lot has changed. They have since moved out of Marks flat and into premises housing office space and a warehouse. It is now a self sufficient company with 5 full time staff members and a huge customer base all over the UK. It wholesales to retail outlets across Britain such as FootAsylum and Ark (JD Sports), and online stores such as Online Attire.  However what hasn’t changed is the main concept behind the brand, Mark and Steven work with the same attitude as they had when they first started out in 2013. Constantly brainstorming, coming up with new, fresh ideas, and working around the clock to improve for you guys.  The brand has been hugely successful in such a short space of time but Mark and Steven still have the same determination, enthusiasm and passion as the two guys with a vision working out of a bedroom only just 2 years ago.

None of this would have been possible if it weren't for you guys reading this just now and Bee Inspired would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Thank you for your continued support, custom and everything in-between. We made this brand for you and we cant even begin to express how humbling and surreal it is to have came this far. 


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