Locker Room Ambassador Program

What you'll do

Promote Bee Inspired
Be active & engage on our social media
Share Bee Inspired with your friends, family & others

Give out 15% off to a friend and get 10% of sale, paid in cash to your bank account.


Who can join the program?

We are allowing anyone to join the program. All you have to do is sign up with your name and email. We will give you a unique code you can then hand out to friends. This code then tracks the sales and gives you 10% of the cash paid to you.

How am I paid?

You are paid via bank transfer.

When are the payouts?

You will be paid out to your bank account every 30 days.

Do I receive a notification when someone uses my code?

You will get an email every time someone uses a code with the amount received.

Can I share my code on Social Media

Yes you can share your code on your own social media. Please note you can't share it on any channels relating to Bee Inspired.

Can I share my code on coupon site

No, using your code through any third party affiliate sites like Honey will see your account banned and all payouts canceled.