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We are officially online exclusive!

Starting from 2019 we are proud to go forward as an exclusively online brand!

This means you won’t be able to find Bee Inspired in any shops on the high street as we will no longer be wholesaling our products. Everything we sell will now only be available direct from our very own website.

Anse Tee

We’ve taken this decision to have more control over quality and to protect our brand image. We work extremely hard on creating something special and use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to directly engage with our customers and would like to continue to build on our brand image digitally.

Another reason we’ve taken this decision is that we make it so straightforward to order our products online that we simply don’t feel the need for high street retailers to sell on our behalf. We offer free delivery options in the UK and worldwide, free returns in the UK and hassle free returns internationally.

SS19 look

Being online exclusive means we are able to reward our customers with things they actually care about like our loyalty programme; that rewards customers with points that they can redeem for vouchers for money off orders.

Make your first online exclusive order of 2019 now.

Your Bee Team

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