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We’ve travelled far and wide looking for the most epic locations to launch our Seasonal collections over the years. From New York to Bangkok, Miami to Ibiza, London to Dubai, the list goes on.

This Autumn Winter we went further than ever before, to take over the 10th biggest city in the world.

Tokyo, Capital of Japan, a mega-city of the Far-East. It’s safe to say that Tokyo lived up to the hype and was well worth the 5-day jet lag. We spent a week exploring the vast metropolis; sampling local delicacies, taking in it’s sights and even squeezing in a game of five-a-side on one of the most famous futsal pitches in the world. In true Bee style we documented the full trip so why not share with you some of our Tokyo highlights.

Tokyo - Bee Inspired


It’s safe to say that Japanese food is a little different from Western food, don’t get us wrong we are partial to a bit of sushi but Tokyo was on a different planet.

Ever tried chicken hearts? Cod paste? Live octopus? We have. From back alleys duck-ins to futuristic sushi conveyors, we tried it all.

If you’re ever in town we would particularly recommend heading over to Memory Lane In Shinjuku. You’ll find a group of tiny restaurant shacks, sitting amongst the skyscrapers, full of patrons. They’re full for a reason, it’s some of the best food in Tokyo and the Ramen has reached legendary status within the team.

Tokyo food with Bee Inspired


Sake, Whisky and questionable lagers are the staples of the Japanese liquid diet and you’re never hard pressed to find a bar to enjoy them in Tokyo.

Small is probably the best word to describe a traditional Japanese ‘Pub’, in fact anything with over 6 seats is a rare find.

Unless you like Karaoke… If you’re into belting out drunken tunes then Tokyo is the place for you. Almost every street has a karaoke bar and almost every one of them is full, it would have been rude not to try at least some of them out right?

Tokyo drinks - bee inspired


Japan has got quite the reputation for being a place where the unusual is normal, mostly thanks to the game shows that made it across to us (bring back original Takeshis castle).

It makes sense that Tokyo lives up to that reputation, from robot restaurants to rooftop football pitches you can do just about anything if you’ve got the time and probably a translator…

It’s become a bit of a tradition on our trips to get a game of 5-a-sides booked in for the troops, In london we played in Shoreditch so we had to go bigger this time. The Adidas Futsal pitch sits on a rooftop overlooking the world's busiest street crossing and despite having to be booked twice (naming no names) it was an epic location for the latest edition of the Bee Inspired Cup.


By the time we’d finished our time in Tokyo we felt like locals… maybe not quite but we still have some good tips for surviving the Japanese capital;

  1. Taxis are expensive, try use public transport (with the help of google maps) whenever you can, it’s quick, cheap and covers the whole city.

  2. When someone offers you chicken skewers say no… Unless you’re into deep fried cartilage and liver.

  3. Try as many bars as you can, even though they’re small each one is different although you usually have to pay a covering charge for the seat you take up (¥200-400).

So that was Tokyo. What a trip. Make sure you keep up to date with our Instagram and Facebook pages because we have some incredible content coming up including new products, videos and behind the scenes from the trip.

Your Bee Team

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