Looking to refresh your jean selection for FW20? Brand new Bee Inspired jeans are on their way. Make sure to follow us on our socials so you don't miss out on new drop countdowns. 


The new staple pieces dropping are custom made and will be limited edition. Both include a bright colour splash effect overlaying the denim. Just as all of our products, the jeans design have a huge focus on premium quality, detail and comfort.

Skinny fit jeans not for you? Try our new trending Relaxed or Slim Fit jeans.

To match all preferences, the jeans being released are a mix of our best selling styles - Relaxed Fit and Slim Fit jeans, in order to match all preferences and suit all customers. 

Shopping for the perfect jeans can be a challenge, to assist you we have a jean specific size guide available when you view each individual product to help tailor your needs.

With the jeans being limited edition they are expected to sell out fast so don't say we didn't tell you so. To get you prepped for the new jeans release we have created a preview of the designs and how to style them. 

Kelso Relaxed Fit Jeans - Light Blue

The new Kelso jeans are being released in a light blue denim with a colourful paint splatter design, including a ripped effect on one leg. The perfect stand out jeans to avoid the ordinary. The Kelso are Relaxed Fit jeans that are designed to fit slightly looser round the leg and ankle. 

colour splash kelso jeans

Dunn Slim Fit Jeans - Blue 

If you're not into Skinny Fit jeans but like the look of slimmer jeans then try our Slim Fit Jeans. The new Dunn jeans have a blue distressed look with faded sections, also including the unique colour splash in a more low-key and lighter tone. The jeans are a Slim Fit stretch material that are designed to be more of a tailored fit around the leg but are looser than Skinny Fit. 

colour splash dunn jeans


Struggling to think what you will wear with the new jeans? Luckily blue jeans are easy to style, but a colour splash adds edginess. The blue denim highlights the colourful tones, so pairing the jeans with a bright coloured tee will emphasis this, wear with white trainers and you are ready to go. 

We recommend pairing with:

Signature Tee - True Red

colour splash jeans with red tee

Signature Tee - Yellow 

colour splash jeans with yellow tee

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