Have you ever wondered what a Bee Inspired location shoot is like? Come behind the scenes with us as we tell you all about our latest trip to Ibiza 📸

This week the team headed to Ibiza for our first ever open model casting which was a success. Last week we posted about it on Instagram and we had loads of people signing up, some people even flew over from the UK ✈️ It was open to everyone, existing models and people who had never done it before. We hosted our casting in Wikiwoo, you couldn't ask for a nicer backdrop in Ibiza. Everyone came and met the team, had some drinks and got some photos taken in our new summer tees.

The next day was the day of the shoot, where we were shooting location images and video for our website and socials. Here are some sneak peeks of upcoming summer styles 👀

The following day we recorded a new episode of our podcast The Inspiration. We sat down with Tony Truman who is the co-owner of Ocean Beach and Wiki Woo, no one knows Ibiza better 🏝 Stay tuned for this episode coming soon.

In the afternoon we headed to The Marina for some street styling where we gave the people of Ibiza a sneak peak of our upcoming releases.

That's a wrap! 🎬 Where do you want to see our next model casting? Let us know in the comments👇🏻

Your Bee Team 🐝

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