Introducing the new website

Unrivalled product now comes with a superior website.

Our team has been hard at work over the past few months building things to take to the next level. The launch of our new website is the first of a series of releases and updates with some incredible features lined up for you. 


Taking in our customers feedback, the team at Bee Inspired aimed to make the website faster, easier to navigate and as user-friendly as possible. To bring a clean redesign with new and improved features, personalised and suited to you. 

We have listened to our customers and created a tailored and unique shopping experience. Along with highlighting the engaging new design to our digital home, we have also emphasised the offering of popular payment options and our excellent online support, whether browsing the website on desktop or mobile. 


The new has been built and designed from scratch in order to create effective, visual navigation. 

The aim was to introduce a brand new shopping experience from beginning to end, you can now explore our new navigation options which include our new releases and best sellers, as well as the ‘inspiration’ tab, featuring different collections available, allowing you to easily find what you are looking for.

There are certain features we wanted to focus on first that have now been released, but keep an eye out for more features lined up to suit you! 


  • Buy the look 

How to find - scroll down on any product to find ‘Buy The Look’ feature 

This feature allows you to visualise the product within a full look, and then easily add the other products from the look to the cart without leaving the current page. Helping you envisage an outfit and allowing you to see different options of styling the product. Available on all new products where the look is available.


  • Mini cart 

How to find - simply add a product to your cart

This feature allows you to add a product(s) to your cart without interrupting shopping (the mini cart slides out to the right hand side of page with the option to click out of it using the 'X"), with the ease of adding/removing more quantities of products. 

This also includes the added feature of showing some of the payment options that will available when you are ready to checkout (all icons at the bottom).


  • Colour swatches

How to find - available on products with various colours (e.g. our Signature Tee) 

This feature allows you to easily view different colours of the product that you are interested in, giving you the option to click through and view all colours available - ranging from tees, hoodies, sweatpants and jeans. 


  • New delivery and returns pages

How to find -

Our new and improved delivery and returns pages now include FAQs in order to allow customers to resolve any issues faster. If the question you want to ask is not answered, please use our Live Chat on, DM us on Facebook or contact us at


Have you checked out the new features of our website yet? Let us know if you have any suggestions as we will continuously adding improvement and want you to have the best experience possible.

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