Bee Inspired Summer ‘20 Virtual Shoot

What does a global streetwear brand do when their summer shoot is cancelled? Get Creative.

We had big plans this Summer… LA was calling us.

Every year we head to our annual sun soaked photoshoot, hitting: Thailand, Miami and Dubai in the last three years. This year was to be no different with big plans to head to the streets and beaches of LA for an all out photoshoot party. 

It goes without saying that the global pandemic has changed pretty much every aspect of daily life, so as you can imagine, these plans went out the window. No mansions, no cars, no yachts, no jets, no LA… the big plans were gone. 

We’ve seen some incredible ways that people are coping with the outbreak, so we decided to get involved and go bigger. So the final plan was… let's hit the streets of LA without leaving the UK. 


As part of our Summer 2020 campaign we’ve had to think on our feet and really get creative whilst in lockdown and not being able to travel. Coming up with the idea of pulling off a virtual video shoot using GTA V combined with our tees and jeans. So yes, shooting our new summer releases on the virtual streets of LA without actually leaving the UK. Class right?  

Curious to see how it turned out? Check out our lockdown LA photoshoot

 ... So that was LA, who wishes they had our new releases in their game? 

Stay inside, stay safe, stay inspired.

The Bee Team


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