Unrivalled product now comes with a superior website.

The Bee Inspired team is continuously looking for ways to take beeinspiredclothing.com to the next level. After the initial launch of our new website, we have been working on updates that line up some new incredible features.


Taking in customers feedback, the team at Bee Inspired aim to make the website easier to navigate and as user-friendly as possible. In order to do this, a new search feature has been introduced. This search feature is designed for speed, personalisation and stress free searching. 


A brand new way of on-site search makes it easier than ever to find the products you want. From one simple tap you can open up the search feature that uses spoken words or an image search to find exactly what you are looking for. Designed to optimise your search. 


Here’s a quick look at how to optimise your product search:

We now offer various ways to search for our products. You can now search by: 

Product Category; such as t-shirts, jeans, hoodies.

Size; making it easy to filter out your choice of sizes, including general XS-XL sizes, waist/length for jeans and shoe sizes.

Colour; scroll through our range of colours when you a certain colour choice in mind.

Along with a new customised feature, which is based on your shopping preferences, it includes searches based on; personalised style choices, previous purchases, products you have previously viewedor items we think you'll like (including the best sale products for you).


Voice Search

The most exciting new feature is our Voice Search. This feature allows you to speak out loud the items you are looking for, and the search will automatically create results that are exact matches or in a similar category or colour. It allows customers a hands-free experience, creating an alternative yet simplified way to search.

Open up the search and tap dictation (microphone) icon on your keyboard to use voice search on mobile.


Image Search

The Image Search feature allows customers to upload an image of a product, either straight from the camera on their phone, their camera roll or an image taken from online. Image Search is able to visually analyse this image and return similar items or exact matches, with the final results including the product name and prices, helping you find what you are looking for. 

Whether you are searching for a white t-shirt, or a pair of black sweatpants, searching by image streamlines the shopping experience and helps you browse similar products. Cutting down the search process and recommending your desired looks. 


Our biggest aim is to create a tailored and unique shopping experience for all of our customers. Whether browsing the website on mobile or desktop, our new search feature has enabled us to do this, removing steps and allowing a seamless browse for a more enjoyable shopping experience. 

More to come soon...

The Bee Team

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