The Tweet That Shocked Us

So Euro is finally 2020 over, there were laughs, love, cheers and cries.

Our Scottish roots meant that we were backing Scotland from the start. The country united in support and a new anthem, "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" was embraced by all. 

The big game on the 18th of June, England vs Scotland had both countries hyped up for some healthy rivalry. Hoards of fans filled London's airports, train and bus stations to back their team all the way (regardless of if they had tickets to Wembley or not).

We saw it all unfold on social media, some made us laugh (yes, the guy in the kilt doing 'the worm' in London Underground without underwear on scarred us all).

Some made us feel disappointed - the amount of litter that was left behind on London's streets was nothing short of disgraceful.

However a Tweet was doing the rounds showing a group of young lads going above and beyond what was expected of them, helping to pick up the litter. 


When our Co-founder Steven Robb saw this, he instantly felt proud of those Scottish lads doing their bit in London. And so we posted this Tweet...


The Tweet exploded with people trying to help us find out who they were and we started seeing a pattern with the names in the replies.

We reached out to them to offer a gift card so they could treat themselves to a new outfit on however the response we received blew us away: 

Response from Kris Anderson

The Bee team were shocked by this, it summed up just how genuinely GOOD these guys were.

We wanted to do our bit for their charity by taking it further than just sharing the donation link a few times, after all these guys deserved more than that.

We had a chat with Kris Anderson from the Twitter post and talked over a few ideas on how we could support them and their charity golf event.  

Both owners at Bee Inspired, Steven Robb and Mark Corcoran have taken up golf over the past year. Being ex-professional footballers means they have a tendency to get really competitive and obsessive over sport. And golf is the latest passion in their lives (so much so we've been working on a golf collection behind the scenes).

We planned with Kris and decided that we'd bring a team from Bee Inspired along (including Mark and Steven) to get involved in the charity event and actually participate in the FULL challenge.

So here's the details of what all the lads will be getting involved in:

Challenge: 72 holes in one day

Date: Sat 24th of July

Start time: 05:30

Where: St Michaels Golf Club, St Andrews

Charity: MacMillan Cancer Support

We'll be filming behind the scenes and posting the content on social media so remember to follow us on:



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