Launching The B33 Loyal

We've come a long way in the past 5 years, from our humble beginnings working out of a living room to our new global warehouse, it's safe to say things have changed.

One thing that hasn't changed is you, our customers mean everything to us and we've been dedicated to bring you the best of the best since day one. To thank you guys and to celebrate our 5th birthday we've launched our very own loyalty programme, rewarding you for your continued support of our dream.

Introducing The B33 Loyal! 


Built right into our mobile and desktop websites, the Loyal programme is available to all customers who create an account with us. 

The B33 Loyal programme means that you will earn points when you make a purchase online. These points can then be converted into vouchers that you can use to spend on

You'll earn five points for every £1 you spend on our site and once you accumulate 500 points you can redeem these to claim a £5 voucher to spend online.


Find everything you need to know about the B33 Loyal scheme on our FAQ page.

If you need further information get in touch with our Customer Service team by clicking here.

Thanking you all again for your continuous support.

Your Bee Team

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