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At Bee Inspired we know that finding a quality pair of premium streetwear jeans opens up a world of possibilities. Designed to be worn day in day out, a good pair of jeans works with just about anything. 

We all have our favourite fit when it comes to jeans and finding the perfect pair of jeans can be (let’s be honest) a pain in the ass. With so many varieties of styles, colours, waist and leg lengths it can be slightly overwhelming.

One thing we are confident in at Bee Inspired is the fit of our premium streetwear jeans, it’s something our customers compliment us on time and time again.

We’ve created this quick and handy guide to help you out with all your denim doubts.

Different Denim Styles

Unlike some brands who only offer one style of jean we've got you covered with FOUR different types of fit - we’ll go into the difference below:Skinny fits and slim fit jean difference

Skinny Fit Streetwear Jeans:

The skinny fit maintains a tight denim style from waist to ankle. 

Our famous skinny fit jeans are designed with custom stretch, this is added into the denim material during the manufacturing stage which gives them extra flexibility and comfort whilst maintaining the skinny look (because who wants to be uncomfortable in tight skinny jeans?)

Slim Fit Streetwear Jeans:

The slim fit is similar to the skinny fit but there’s more room for movement on the lower half of the leg.Relaxed fit and loose fit jean difference

Relaxed Fit Streetwear Jeans:

Our relaxed jeans are again a less tapered style, giving them a more casual look whilst being spacious round the leg. 

Loose Fit Streetwear Jeans:

Drawing inspiration from the 90s style “baggy fit”, they are relaxed from the top of the thigh all the way down to the ankle.

If you have any questions or looking for advice on what to wear with your denim jeans send us a message and our customer service team will be more than happy to help you.

View our full premium streetwear denim collection here.

Your Bee Team

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