Dubai Highlights

Dubai, the Arabian city of excess. From its towering skyscrapers to its supercar obsession, this jewel of the Middle East is a city like no other. Dubai is fast becoming the go to for a real summer party, so we decided to book a stay to shoot our new collection.

The locations we discovered in Dubai were nothing less than epic, teaming that with our fresh new designs we can guarantee it’s been one of our best shoots to date and you’re going to love what’s to come.

We want to share all the best bits of our trip to Dubai with you so have a read of our highlights below:

FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai

five palm dubai

If you want to be treated like absolute royalty we recommend staying here.

Cruising in the Lamborghini

Lambo Dubai

We took the Lambo into the dessert, why? Because we could obviously.

Working with a great team

modelling team in dubai bee inspired

The lads! Jammy Reeves, Josh Flannery and Brandon Myres completed the dream team. Big thanks to the guys for joining us. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us on our Dubai journey via Instagram. If you missed out then check out one of our highlights below!

 Your Bee Team

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