B33 World Cup Predictions

32 Teams, 64 Games and only 1 Winner. The World Cup is back. We, like many of you, have been looking forward to this from the moment Germany lifted the most famous trophy in the world four years ago. With the tournament kicking off we thought now would be the time to share our predictions.

Predicting the winner of a tournament this big is no easy task and rest assured we have gone through a lengthy, highly scientific process to determine who will emerge victorious. (we basically went round HQ and asked a few people) Check out our accurate predictions below:

4th Place: France

A team full of talent, youth and a crazy amount of squad depth but perhaps not quite the stuff that makes winners. They will most likely meet Germany in the semis, which is sure to be a class game, but we don’t see them overcoming the reigning champions.

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3rd Place: Argentina

In what will surely be Leo Messi’s swansong tournament, Argentina are going to come close this year, which will inevitably result in half their team announcing their ‘international retirement’ which will inevitably last all of a few weeks. 3rd place isn’t a bad effort but it will still fuel the argument that Messi can’t be the greatest ever if he hasn't won a world cup.

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Runners Up: Brazil

7-1. 4 years ago we witnessed something remarkable, possibly the greatest humiliation of an international sporting team ever. The Brazilians will be out for revenge and should have no problem navigating their way to the final thanks to their insanely talented line-up, we just have that feeling that they will fall agonisingly short, again. Sorry Brazil.

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Champions: Germany

Not many teams go into consecutive world cups as favourites but the power-house that is the German national team has that expectation to deal with. Despite the ‘interesting’ decision to exclude premier league winner Leroy Sane, the Germans look in great shape to go all the way and have their name etched in history as back-to-back winners of the greatest tournament on Earth.  

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Wild Card: Egypt  

The World Cup is a crazy tournament and they say anything can happen.. This could be the year an African side lifts the trophy for the first time. Don’t believe us? To be honest we don’t believe it ourselves, but maybe Mo Salah does...   

What about England?

A young side full of potential, a wealth of big game experience and a media frenzy surrounding the team. Sounds like any tournament England are involved in doesn’t it. A quarter final bow-out seems to be the overwhelming opinion for Southgates men, even without Joe Hart between the sticks.

We can't wait for this World Cup and we're sure it's going to be one to remember, even if our predictions are completely (and inevitably) wrong. Enjoy the greatest show on Earth folks. 

Your Bee Team. 

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