What Really Goes On - Location Shoot
It's Jan 2024 and we've already embarked on our first location shoot of the year to Tenerife (no messing about here). We wanted to showcase our latest drops in the best way possible as it is definitely one of our favourite collections to date.

Natural lighting is key when shooting so what better place to shoot than Tenerife with it’s year round good weather.

The team flew out on Monday the 15th of January and we checked into our incredible villa, as the villa gave the perfect backdrop we were able to take advantage and shoot a lot of content around there.

On Monday the team got organised for the days of shooting ahead and scoped out the best locations to use in Tenerife.

Shooting Day 1  -

On the first day of shooting we prioritised getting the products shot in the best way possible, including close ups, full outfit images and product videos.

As an online brand first, a lot goes into showing you, our customers the product in as many angles and ways possible including still images and video. We shot in and around the villa from 9am till 7pm sunset.

It was time to chill after a busy day, we enjoyed some dinner nearby and had an early nigh, preparing for another full on day of shooting the following morning.

Shooting Day 2 -

We had a few more products to shoot which we never got round to on day 1 (never enough hours in the day). In the morning the team fuelled up with a big breakfast and everyone's energy was high, ready to get stuck in.

Afterwards, we jumped into the cars to travel around Tenerife and capture some lifestyle shots, showcasing the fits on the models enjoying themselves which you’ll see more of on our socials.

In the evening we had a well deserved chilled BBQ in the villa courtesy of the cook aka Gav the photographer.

Shooting Day 3 -

Day 3 was a quick morning of the models filming some UGC (user-generated content) and styling videos of fits that the models loved from our upcoming collections.

Allowing the models to give their own personal views and style the products how they would wear them themselves works well for the Bee TikTok and Insta Reels.

Keep your eyes peeled for this content in the coming months and let us know how you would style it!


It was a BUSY few days but it’s all worth it to show you guys everything that’s coming in 2024.

Check out the villa tour in our TikTok here.

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