Meet Our In-House Garment Technicians

At Bee HQ we’re constantly working on improving the designs and quality of our products to ensure you receive nothing but the best. To make sure everything leaves the building at the highest standard we’ve got two top-notch Garment Technicians in-house (cue, the introduction) Linzi and Stephanie!

You’ll usually find Linzi & Stephanie hidden under a bundle of clothes with a measuring tape around their neck (it’s their signature look). However, we managed to grab them for a quick interview, check it out below:

What does a typical day look like for you?

Both: Every morning we check our emails to see if there is any updates on shipment from the suppliers. Then we usually need to do a bit of chasing up to find out where everything is location wise and when it’s estimated to arrive at our warehouse.

We’ll usually have a number of samples delivered to us to approve and we’ll need to measure them up and create comments/suggestions for tweaks. Luckily, we have an in-house fit model to try on the clothes and get a better idea of how they’ll look so we can ensure our customers get the perfect fit!

In the afternoon, we’ll usually be creating specs, updating orders and carrying out in-house tests.

How do you ensure top quality?

Both: We monitor inspection reports that basically have to match our high standard specification list and ensure requirements are met throughout sampling.

It also helps that we have a close relationship with the suppliers and frequently visit them overseas. Anything that doesn’t meet our quality control checks will be requested for further amendments.

Best bit about your job?

Linzi: I find problem solving very rewarding, it’s also amazing when you see an idea on paper come to life. The journey from concept to end result is very exciting.

Stephanie: For me, it’s a joy to go to work because I love all the people that I work with. It's refreshing to work on a brand you can get excited about!

Most challenging aspect?

Both: How fast paced the fashion industry is!

Advice for working in the fashion industry?

Both: Volunteer as much as you can, ask lots of questions and remember no job is too good for you.

Starters or desserts?

Linzi: I’d have to say starter but I do love strawberry ice cream.

Stephanie: Can I say both?

Dogs or cats?

Both (screaming): Dogs!!!

Favourite childhood game?

Linzi: Crash Bandicoot

Stephanie: Tetris

If you have any questions for either of our Garment Technicians drop us a message on Instagram and we’ll do our best to get back to you! Otherwise, they’ll continue doing an awesome job of making everything Bee Inspired top quality.

Your Bee Team

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