Fives For Cash? The B33 Cup Explained

Fancy yourself a champion on the football field?

For the first time ever we are holding a football five-a-side tournament like no other, The B33 Cup, and we’re expecting big things.

We’ll be giving away a massive £10,000 to the winning team. Within that £10,000 we will donate £3,000 to a charity of the winning teams choice and the remaining £7,000 will be divided between the team players.

So where do you go from here?

Step 1

Get a team together that will be up for commiting to playing fives in Glasgow, South Side on Saturday the 29th of June. We recommend having seven players in a team (unless you’re all absolute machines).

Step 2

One person from the team should enter the teams details on (don’t forget to add your social media handle if the team have a dedicated account).

Step 3

Wait to hear back from us and we’ll inform you if you have been accepted or not to play in The B33 Cup.

What will happen on the day?

There will be 32 teams in total playing on the day of the event. We will divide the teams into eight groups that will play against each other, teams placing first and second in their respective groups will advance to the round of 16 where losing sides will be knocked out and each team that wins will move one step closer to winning the cash prize.

We’re getting some ex-pro footballers and celebrities involved just to spice it up a bit so you’ll definitely need to bring your A-game.

I’m not playing, can I come watch?

As part of the tournament we are putting on a day like no other, there will be DJ’s, free to play bubble football, food, drink and a very special Pop Up Shop where you will get the chance to buy one-off special edition styles.

The event will also be streamed live on mobile for Facebook and Instagram followers to watch.

Any questions fire them over to us!

Your Bee Team

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