Which Sunglasses Are Right For You?

Looking for streetwear sunglasses that suit your face shape?

With so many different styles, frames and colours there can sometimes be too much choice, plus taking into consideration the shape of your face... for that reason we have created a helpful guide for you to see which of our new premium streetwear sunglasses are the ones for you! 

**All sunglasses feature fully UV safe tinted lenses complete with hard and soft carry cases and a lens cleaning cloth. 

Drake Sunglasses

Face Shape Recommendation: Heart 


If you are wanting to give off the ultimate summer vibe, these are the ones for you! Featuring a premium metal and plastic frame construction to provide a contemporary aviator feel with a bold upper bar. The Drake sunglasses square frame works well to provide structure to your face shape, best for those with a narrower chin shape. Our Drake sunglasses come in 3 different colour-ways so there's something for everyone. 

Cabo Sunglasses

Face Shape Recommendation: Square


The Cabo sunglasses feature a premium plastic frame construction to provide a strong 80's style feel. Involving a slightly rounded larger frame, suiting those with a strong bone structure. 

Campana Sunglasses

Face Shape Recommendation: Square and Round

Slightly rounded frames suit a strong bone structure, such as those with a square face shape. Their Aviator feel will also flatter a round face. The Campana's give off an 80's vibe and are the perfect addition to any outfit. They feature a bold upper bar and premium plastic construction. 


Hakimi Sunglasses

Face Shape Recommendation: Square

Those with round faces tend to avoid round glasses as they further widen the face. They best suit those with a square face shape as the round lenses soften sharp, angular features. The Hakimi's feature a black premium plastic frame construction with contrasting silver rivets.

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