Smash Your Ibiza Workout Goals

Ibiza. Well known for its massive nightclubs, famous DJs, beautiful weather and sandy beaches. It's the ultimate Summer destination and the season is fast approaching. 

Between the months of May and September the island of Ibiza is buzzing, and let's be honest you want to be looking your best. (it's time to dust off that gym membership you bought in January). 

If you've had an extended Christmas don't worry there's still time to rescue your dad-bod and get in shape, and it just so happens that we've dropped our first ever range dedicated to fitness just in time. Each item in the collection is built with the latest technology and materials, providing next generation comfort and fit designed to keep you cool and dry during even the toughest sessions. 

We'd recommend it's grab yourself some new gym kit and follow our essential guide to getting in shape for a summer to remember. (it's basically a simple version of every mens fitness article ever...)

Get Motivated

Getting motivated is easier said than done but a little motivation will take you a long way in terms of your fitness goals.

Motivation can be as simple as the excitement of wearing some new gym gear in your next session to give you that get up and go. Some fresh kit to get you feeling like a pro can go a long way towards achieving a long term goal where you keep on pushing to get that body ready for holiday.

Whatever focus gets you moving, hold on to it as it will take you one step further towards your overall goal.

Bee Inspired Activewear

Eat Clean

Getting in a decent workout is only half the battle when you’ve got specific target areas in your fitness that you want to improve. If the countdown to Ibiza has already started it’s more important now than ever to start eating right.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or gain some serious muscle the same basic rules apply (although the quantity for each goal is different). First of all, lose the processed foods and include more vegetables and protein to your meals. Sugar is an absolute diet killer so cut down as much as possible, even if it means braving a few hangovers without the tried and tested Lucozade cure. 

The easiest way to cut out unnecessary sugars is to switch your fizzy drinks for water. You need to keep on top of your diet with preparation, standards will start to slip and be replaced with quick fixes when you get lazy.

Bee Inspired Activewear

Sleep Well

Sleep is the most under appreciated part of working out right. It’s during sleep that the body is repairing itself from all the micro muscle tears you created from things like lifting weights and running, which in turn helps you come back stronger.

Grabbing a proper kip will work wonders, if you're feeling sleep deprived then you are more likely to crave sugary snacks and your body will also be fatigued meaning that it won’t be burning off fat cells as effectively. 

With all this in mind you've got the perfect basis to start smashing your workout routine and with our new Active Range you can look good doing it, just in time for Ibiza. 

The countdown is on!

Your Bee Team

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