Subject Zero Collection

We are proud to introduce our first ever sustainable collection - Subject Zero.

Made with responsibly sourced materials, including recycled packaging and labelling, the new Subject Zero Collection will feature clean silhouettes and a natural colour palette while working towards zero adverse impact on the environment.


The Subject Zero logo

The 3 stars design feature are used to denote the 3 foundations of our sustainability commitments:

★ Product – made from conscious fabrics

★ Culture – inspiring sustainability.

★ Process – created with the planet in mind

Responsibly Sourced Materials

The fabrics are made with responsibly sourced materials while maintaining quality and are also part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

Our Next Steps

By no means are we claiming to be eco-warriors at this stage, however, we want to encourage our customers and other businesses to understand it's okay to take the first small step to making a big difference.

We are currently working on a roadmap into a more sustainable future and will be able to share this with you very soon.