Winter is thankfully nearly coming to an end and it's time to start thinking about your transitional Spring wardrobe. But what's going to be trending this year in the world of streetwear? We're here to share our knowledge as well as show you some sneak peaks of what's coming up for Bee Inspired in the next couple of months. 

1. Cargos

In this respect, not much has changed since 2022 - cargos are here to stay this year. You can expect some restocks of last years favourites such as the Guardiola's and you can also look forward to some brand new colour-ways. Think dusky blue, navy, khaki.. 👀 The utility look is set to get even bigger this year so look out for a restock of our Signature Utility Cargos. 

2. Overshirts

Soon in the UK the weather will be at that awkward stage where you leave the house in a jacket in the morning and you're sweating by the afternoon 😅 An overshirt is the perfect solution and fits with the utility look that's going to be trending. We've got a look coming for everyone, whether you prefer smart and simple or want to fully embrace the utility trend with as many pockets as possible. 


3. Minimal Colour Palette

Our minimal tracksuits in clay and graphite flew out the door in 2022. People are sticking to a more minimal colour palette with occasional pops of colour, this trend is potentially a result of all the chaos happening in the world - people are craving simplicity when it comes to fashion. During the transitional period between Winter and Spring you can expect to see a lot of neutral tones such as clay, graphite, sand and khaki. 


4. Twin Sets

Modern life increasingly revolves around convenience and what's more convenient than a twin set? You don't need to think about an outfit if you don't want to, but you can also style each element with different items in your wardrobe, unlocking unlimited outfit combinations. If you liked the unique texture of our Rowe collection last year you're going to love these.


There's so much more to come in the next couple of months but we can't show everything at once 👀 Which style are you most looking forward to dropping? Let us know in the comments!

Your Bee Team 🐝

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  • Absolutely love the bee inspired brand!! Have have a few things from it looking forward to the new line coming out.

    Kind regards,

    Steven Mcgivern on
  • Any new trainers coming out

    John Gorman on

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