Last year we celebrated a successful 10 years as an established streetwear brand. So we are sticking to our goals of forever evolving. We want to continue to be forward thinking in everything we do behind the scenes and what we showcase to our customers. 

We can’t wait to reveal the first drop that will kick off the next decade of excellence.

Introducing the Sporting Club collection

This is something we’ve been very excited about creating. As ex-pro footballers we have been involved in sport pretty much our whole lives. We loved the idea of creating a community around that concept, where people all have the same attitude no matter what level they are competing at. Being the best you can be and having a never give up attitude is what the sporting club is all about.

New cargos

Cargos are a massive trend that are here to stay for 2024 and since we’ve always got you covered in the cargo department, we are here with some new styles to upgrade your collection. Choose between the Modric and Pedri cargos to freshen up your look.

Four cargo optionsPrint trend - Olise/Guedes

Two of the biggest trending Bee Inspired styles right now.

The Olise branding is a throwback to a design we created in the very early days at Bee. We love the oversized logo on the front and back as a bold statement piece. 

The Guedes branding is represented through the BI monogram which comes with the tagline “Engineered for success”, a strong belief from everyone in our in-house design team.

Guedes and Olise Bee Inspired Branding

Ortiz coach jacket

This is one that everyone was asking about when we posted some previews from our studio photoshoot. We don’t expect this smart/casual jacket to last long as we only have limited quantities so if you are looking for something new to team with your cargos and fresh trainers then get this winner in your basket asap.

Ortiz Coach Jacket CAD

This is just a small preview of some of the unreal pieces we have to come this season. We’ve said it before but we really believe this might be the best year yet! Let us know what you’re most looking forward to?

First drop coming soon.

Mark and Steven (Co-founders)

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