Always struggle with what to take on holiday? Don't worry, as always Bee Inspired have you covered 🤝

Here's our top 10 holiday essentials to make sure you pack in your case ✈️

1. Impact Sliders

Well what else are you going to wear round the pool? 💧

2. Drake Sunglasses

Our bestselling Drake sunglasses can elevate any outfit 😎

3. Stealth Cap

If you're pale and Scottish like us then you know a cap is essential in the sun 🥵

4. Tube Socks

You can't forget the basics 🧦

5. Origi Swim Short

 Beach club ready 🏝

6. Volt Swim Short

If you want to stand out at the beach then these are for you ⚡️

7. Karius Resort Shirt

The Karius shirt screams holiday vibes ☀️

8. Signature Cotton Shorts

Being comfy in the airport on the way home is essential 👌🏻

9.  Rowe Twinset

No need to plan out a whole outfit, chuck on the Rowe twinset and you're good to go for the night 🍺

10. Montoya Tee

You can never go wrong with a graphic tee 👌🏻

Where are you off to this year? ✈️

Your Bee Team 🐝

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