Sustainability - Road Map

Alongside our debut for our sustainable clothing range; Subject Zero Collection, is our commitment to moving the entire business in a more sustainable direction across three key areas: Product, Process and Culture. 

We are on a journey to becoming a more sustainable brand. We want to be as transparent as possible and this is why we are sharing our first steps with you to a much more sustainable future. Take a look at our road map that we have committed to improving… 


  • Recycled Garment labelling has been rolled out across a number of our suppliers and will continue to filter across our remaining suppliers over the next few years.
  • Since 2019, our packing bags have been made from recycled materials.
  • Since 2021, our boxers are made from organic cotton and socks are Oeko Tex Certified, which certifies that the item has been tested for harmful substances and that the item is harmless for human health.
  • Responsibly sourced cotton will filter into our core range from 2022.
  • Also from 2022, sustainable elements will be incorporated into our footwear range.



  • At Bee Inspired HQ we encourage recycling and have segregated waste streams e.g. general waste, recycling, and cardboard.
  • Switch and save for lights and plugs are encouraged throughout our HQ along with signposts as a friendly reminder.
  • Throughout our HQ you can find Aqua Aid water coolers. Aqua Aid works closely with Africa Trust, who build sustainable water sources throughout Africa. The watercoolers are also fully recommissioned after use and all cups can be fully recycled.
  • Bee Inspired offer a Cycle To Work scheme, encouraging employees to consider a more sustainable mode of transport.



  • All invoices are printed on FSC Certified paper. FSC certification means it comes from responsibly and carefully managed forests that offer economic, social, and environmental benefits.
  • Our preferred freight companies will be working towards a carbon natural future. One of our main freight companies is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2025.
  • We are looking to reduce our carbon footprint on any flights made for business purposes, greener flights will be the option where possible.
  • Throughout the development process of collections, some samples don’t make the cut for production. These samples will be kept and sold in a sample sale to give them another lease of life and prevent them from ending in landfill. Giving an item of clothing an extra 9 months of life reduces its carbon footprint by 20-30%.

There's always room for improvement and there's always an opportunity to take a first step to make a difference (big or small - it still counts).

We have been working very closely with our suppliers to get to this point without compromising on quality. To stand by these materials and processes, our suppliers have been audited and have undergone training with full transparency from concept to production along the supply chain.

Subject Zero is our first sustainable collection designed for men and women and is set to be released 20th September. 

Your Bee Team

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