Daring in Digital

Back by popular demand... Our iconic Digital Monochrome Hoodie. Last year we tested the water with this unique number and you guys absolutely loved it! It was a instant hit and sold out immediately so we couldn't let you go a winter without it. We bring it back to you this season with smaller details refined resulting in the same great look and top notch quality. 

Since it went down so incredibly well we wanted to give you guys a variety of eye catching Digital Print Hoodies to choose from because we all know you need more than one sweet hoodie in the winter. All our designs are created in house by the guys themselves and the vibrant Electric print made specifically for the new lines has been received brilliantly! The eye-catching design and bold tones are perfect to add a pop of colour to somewhat dreary winter wardrobes. Teamed below with our Electric Rise T, Noir Snap back and the signature Black sweatpants, giving the perfect chilled everyday look. 

You may have also noticed the fresh new take on last years Camo Hoodie. Another favourite which sold out almost as soon as it came in. Taking from this the guys wanted to create a fresh new take on the popular style resulting in the Abstract Camo Print, bringing the Camo trend bang up to date. Bradley wears it below with out Black Sweatpants and Noir Snapback. 

We know how much our simple designs and tracksuits are loved however we understand everyone likes to have something a bit different. You won't find anything similar to our bold Digital Print Hoodies anywhere else on the market. If your the type of guy that likes to stand out and not be rocking the same clobber as everyone else in the town then these are the statement pieces for you. 

Phase one of the Monochrome Hoodies have already sold out with the second launching next week. Our Camo and Electric have been flying off the shelves so I recommend getting your hands on them before someone else does! 

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