Bored of isolation already? 

The Bee Inspired team are determined to spread some positivity and make the best out of a bad situation to keep you entertained whilst you're stuck at home.

Are you a FIFA champ? Now is the time to put your skills to the ultimate test and challenge our B33 Gaming Team on FIFA20 PS4 for a chance to win big! 

Want to get involved?

All you need to do is keep an eye on our socials for when we go Live on PS4 and follow these steps: 

1. Add our PSN as a friend - PSN: BeeInspiredGames

2. Get online when we are live

3. Lucky players will get an invite to play us

Get involved without playing!

Even if you don't get chosen this time, you can still watch the game live! We will be streaming each game on Twitch. Simply search BeeInspiredGames and get involved this way. 

Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/beeinspiredgames/videos

Who will be playing? 

We have now introduced The Bee Inspired Challenge Series on FIFA20 PS4.

You will get the chance to challenge the B33 Gaming Team at various times every day. These times will be posted on the @beeinspiredclothing Instagram story. The lucky players will be chosen at random - turn on Instagram post notifications so you don't miss out!

Is there a chance to win?

Yes! If your beat us by 4 you will win a free t-shirt.

This weeks Bee Inspired Challenge Series - 

Want the opportunity to challenge footballers on FIFA? Get ready! 

Billy Gilmour will be looking for someone to challenge on Wednesday 25th March @ 1pm.  If you miss out you can then you can tune into to Brandon Smith, the voice of eSports' takeover on Thursday 26th March @ 12:30pm!

Billy Gilmour plays Bee Inspired Games

Good luck to everyone who gets involved.

Get Involved. Stay Inspired. 

The Bee Team 

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